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 He's one of the issues that people are most curious to make hair transplanation are the prices. It must first assess whether it is appropriate to a person's hair to determine the price of hair transplantation . .If A person's age, health and body hair of hair loss are appropriate then we can talk about hairtransplant.

To determine the price some people have thick hair from the back and from the front Bald and some of them have little intensity from all sides their hair for this reason some need for one session and the other for two and on this we define cost accurately.

Hair removal and restoration costs Although the average cost is from person to person wage differences but show great differences, according to these differences process difficulty level for some people is determined by the number of grafts will be planted in some people.

byhairclinic as wage policy is determined at a fixed price per person after doing an analysis to evaluate the most effective way, the operation can not be performed during operation extra demand for an extra fee. For example, reported an opinion about patient 4500 grfet be planted and are determined to wage a plantation accordingly, but people 5000 grafts were planted during the operation, more graft charges extra from people that planted every

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