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Hair transplantation lasts approximately 6-8 hours. The area that hair is taken is closed with dressing the wound after operation; however the transplanted area is left open. Afterwards, the hair transplantation patient goes either home or the hotel he stays in, and comes to the center or hospital, where he received the transplantation, for a short dressing. And after the dressing, he goes back home or the hotel for rest. It is suggested for 3 days to lie on the area where extraction is done by lying on his back. The purpose of this application is to enable the liquid given as a small amount to the scalp and possible edema to stream from the area where extraction is done. While resting by lying on the back or half sitting position, ice treatment is applied on the forehead and temporal regions; the purpose is to prevent a swelling on the face. While resting, medications prescribed by the doctor must be used as well.
It is a rare possibility to suffer from pain after hair transplantation but using pain killers is advised for 3 days just in case. During the 3 day long rest, the transplanted areas must not be touched and not be touched by water.
Hair is washed 3 days after the hair transplantation, this is the first washing process and it is suggested to be done by the hair transplanting center. During this wash, hair is both washed and checked. The following washes last for a week in total, and the scabs around the grafts cast.
There is not a special treatment after the castings of the scabs, what needs to be done is to stay away from sports, sea, Turkish bath, pool for three weeks and prevent the exposure to sun after the trauma for a month.
The hair falls in the first month and start growing with second month. Our patients, given circulation enhancing spray by us the hairesteline hair transplantation center, start using the spray starting with the second month and they get the prp and mesotherapy applications suggested by our center.
Even though the hair grows intensely in the first 4-5 months, the total growth takes up to 7-8 months. The strengthening and increase of the hair last for a year.

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