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Treatment with PRP

The treatment is called PRP which is done by a plasma enriched from the cells called Platelet which is the main actor in blood coagulation. This method is applied to the same person by giving it back from the treatment area after bringing it into a rich position from platelets by a special treatment by taking certain amount of blood from the person.
Platelets are blood components which maintain “the growing factors” in its structure which are necessary to provide the return to their natural ways and the repair of the damaged tissues in our body. When a damage occures in our tissues our blood starts a repair process by collecting the platelets into this tissue, the aim of PRP application is to give much more platelets as possible than carrying it by blood circulation to the target issue, so also the repair of damaged issue may start with the same fast and powerful way and may result more quickly.
İt is a treatment method which is oftenly used and has a high success rate in the treatment of hair loss in recent years.

How to apply PRP treatment?
PRP method is applied with superficial injection technique to the skin area where the unhealthy hair is located. The application is quite fast and short in time (4-5 min.). Persons applying PRP treatment may return directly to daily life after the process. In no way swelling and lividity does not occur.

What is hair transplantation with PRP?
İn the process of hair transplantation incrustations and small wounds occur. The PRP method is applied after the hair transplantation process with the aim to provide to heal faster the wounds and to strengthen faster the hair.

The result reached by PRP hair treatment is to stimulate and strengthen the hair follicles lost away, weakened and lost its health. İt has been observing that the hair lose reduced at persons applying PRP and the hairs thickened and strengthened in the areas applied.
İt has been observing that the wound healings gained speed at the patients applied PRP after hair transplantation process. İncrustations and wounds sighted disappeared after the operation and prolongation capacity of the hair planted increased.

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