Eyebrow Transplantation


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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is taking a living bristle root from any part of the body and planting it to the particular eyebrow area Although it seems ideal to transplantate because of not growing, arm or leg hair is not much preferred in eyebrow transplantation, because their roots are pale and it makes transplantation difficult.

The most important source in eyebrow transplantation is nape bristles which is used in both types, the most important issue about these bristles is that they grow as soon as they are planted. The person should be informed that it will grow like the hair.

Although it is considered as if there will be a distress at first sight, the patients learn to give a new shape to their eyebrows in a few times and apply it smoothly.
EAccording to the number of roots to be transplantated, holding up the hairs existing on the nape, a horizontal area of a length of 5-10 cm and 1 cm width is shaved and roots are taken from this area. After finishing taking and planting operation, when leaving the hairs which are held up, there remains no indication of taking any root.

The eyebrow area to be transplantated should be identified by the person preferably, because the person will be able to chose the form that suits to his face best. The area is determined by a temporary paint and locally anesthesized to get ready for transplantation.

Transplantation process; this is the most important stage and knowledge, ability and experience of the expert doing this is also so important because eyebrow transplantation is very different than all other hair root planting (hair, moustache, beard and whisker transplantation) and the angle is so variable. While the part of the eyebrow that is close to the nose looks a little higher, the most outer part looks towards the ear and the space between these two grows like a hand fan. In all these areas, it should be paid attention to the angle to be given each eyebrow and planting should be done with a 40-45 degree of angle.

A transplantation type is used which is impossible to give the required angle to the roots that will be planted in many clinics that declare they do the eyebrow transplantation. Although they say they plant with FUE method, since the holes of transplantation are opened in advanced, the eyebrows grow vertical, for this reason, while discussing the issue with his doctor, the person should not ask whether it will be horizontal and vertical but should clarify at what degree of angle his eyebrows will be transplantated.

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